Sisterly bond brings Jugnauth twins to Alberta Challenge

RED DEER – If you happen to see two different coloured jerseys with the name bar reading ‘Jugnauth’, your eyes are not deceiving you.

Twin sisters Ryann and Neve are squaring off at the 2024 Alberta Challenge tournament which began earlier today (May 2) when South White and South Black began the festivities. Ryann is suiting up for South Black with her sister Neve part of South Green.

The duo played this season together with Calgary Fire Black but are going to be on opposite sides trying to help their respective teams reach the championship game. Ryann is going through her second Alberta Challenge with Neve participating for the first time. While the competitive spirits are still there, Ryann is excited to experience the event with her sister.

“I’m over the moon,” Ryann said. “It’s so fun growing up with someone that’s been with you the whole time. Seeing her game evolve as well as mine … it’s just so fun to see the progress we’ve made. I’m so happy she has the chance to experience this, it’s an amazing opportunity.”

Ryann herself is looking forward to getting back to Red Deer for the second time.

“It’s such an honour to be invited to these types of events,” she said. “Whether it’s camps or tournaments, you see the girls you’re competing with over the years and how their game has evolved. It’s always a blast and I’m really looking forward to putting the Hockey Alberta logo on again.”

When the two found themselves, both making the roster to take part in this event, it became a talking point around the Jugnauth household.

“We’ve talked a little bit about it,” Neve said about participating in this event with her twin. “Just about what to expect from it all considering she’s gone through it already. It should be fun.”

“She’s asked me about the little things. What to pack, what’s everyone going to be doing when there aren’t games going on,” said Ryann. “I think she’s excited to take this on for herself. It would have been nice to be on the same team, but I think it’ll be good for her to branch out and have the chance to experience it the way she wants.”

The Jugnauth family is a big household. Ryann and Neve have three siblings, two older brothers and an older sister. Does that make the family dynamic at home a competitive one?”

“Definitely,” Ryann said with a laugh. “Growing up in a big family, you’re always comparing yourself to your siblings. It’s in good spirits but you want to be better than the next person. It just runs in our family I guess.”

That of course, leads to trash talk.

“Ryann likes to trash talk me a lot,” Neve said. “Sometimes I give it back, but it’s all in good fun. We’ll see what happens on the ice.”

The twins first meeting is taking place tomorrow (May 3) at 3:15. The entire Jugnauth clan will be in attendance for the game which includes parents, grandparents, and siblings. Will they have a split cheering section, one going for South Black and the other for South Green?

“I’m not sure,” Neve said. “It’s up to them.”